Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Retrospective Gallery Finale: Day 8

It's always a little difficult to say exactly how many figures one's painted during a year, partly because of the question of what counts as a model.  Is a stand of five 6mm infantry one "figure" or five?  What about a squadron of Full Thrust fighters?  And how about gun teams that are all on one base, whether 15mm or 28mm scale?  I generally count by "base" rather than model, but of course there's also a big difference between a single 15mm trooper and a Full Thrust superdreadnought or some huge 28mm monster on a 120mm base. 
All that said, my final tally for the year of 2018 is 1786 minis.  Not a very good year, but still up from the last two.  Long way from my peak back in 2012 where I broke the 3000 mark - but that year also had far fewer commission jobs and fewer large customized 28mm models.  Hopefully some upcoming life changes will give me more time to work on painting and converting minis in 2019.  Guess we'll see next December.
And now, we wrap up the 2018 retrospective with a few more projects from the year gone by.    
GZG Moongrunt Chinese forces.

Some Mantic Star Saga figures, which are much more likely to see use a scifi mindflayers in Starfinder or an Expedition to the Barrier Peaks homage.

Alien Sky Hunter from the Trollforged Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter.

Some Martian troops and a grav tank to match, along with a few other commissioned models.

Some old school D&D monsters from Pacesetter, done on commission.

Including this big old froghemoth.  Hey, another Expedition to the Barrier Peaks reference.

Happy Easter.

And finally, some GZG 15mm Stargrunt Kra'Vak, including the new hunting beasts and jet bikes.




  1. That's an impressive array of miniatures, very cool!!!

  2. 1786 isn't a lot? I got excited when I painted around 200 minis in 2018, feeling productive. Geez, I've got a long way to go!

    Can I ask how many hours a day do you paint? You must be able to both fly through a model and dedicate hours a day. It is incredible the detail you put in and the sheer numbers.