Sunday, December 16, 2018

Stargrunt Out Rim Coalition Starship Assault Boarding Team

Today's showcase project was inspired by some discussion of Full Thrust starship boarding rules which got me thinking about what a patrol ship might use as a boarding party, either for use against enemy warships & pirate vessels, for more basic customs searches, or even for rescue & recovery duties.

Full Thrust ships don't have very large crews in canon, and even a few troops in power armor are pretty potent against more lightly equipped standard crewmen.  Add in a few light mecha suits with zero-gee mobility packs to provide some really heavy support and you maximize your force impact for the number of warm bodies needed.

I figure the mech suits can open hull breaches as needed, eliminate any defensive guns that might still be operational on the target vessel, and occupy hangers, cargo holds, and larger equipment rooms as needed.  The smaller power armor sweeps corridors and takes over command spaces.  In a "spacewreck" rescue mission the big guys can help open up jammed hatches and collapsed passages, as well as providing a tow for recovered survivors in temporary life bubbles after the troops get them out of the wreck. 

The models here are a mix of Out Rim Coalition power armor and the larger "generic" Cyclops mech suits from GZG's Stargrunt range.

The power armor are here:

And the Cyclops suits here:



  1. Sounds about right for a military vessel. I wonder what a civilian/trader would do in a rescue/recovery mission? Presumably anything beyond the very smallest vessels would have at least some powered EVA suits or something like that...

    1. GZG makes a number of figs in EVA suits beyond their Moongrunt range, including both armed and unarmed figs in both heavy and light suits. Even a few in zero-gee floating poses. You could use any of those. There's also a pack of civilian "power armor" with a variety of tools and lifter arm options. They'd make good heavy duty suits for engineers or for specialized salvage crews. And of course there all those drones and robots in the GZG catalog too.