Monday, February 18, 2019

Dreadful Things: Troll King and the Axe of Dancing Doom

Unlike the guy from my last post, most of my commission customers actually pay for their job when it's done.  For example, I just finished up this conversion and painting job for one of my regulars.
The mini on the right started life as a Fractured Dimensions "troll deity" from one of their Kickstarters.  The Axe of Dancing Doom is a kitbash that started life as the weapon off one of Privateer Press' Khador shocktroopers, another of which has been swapped on to the troll in place of his original two-handed axe.

The task here was to make a troll king armed with a magical weapon for D&D use, specifically an axe of dancing - that is, a weapon that can float in the air and fight on its own for brief periods.

After cutting and extending both axe hafts a bit (they're ALMOST a perfect fit, but only almost) I added a pair of tiny craft store gems to the axe heads per request.  Have to admit I was a little disappointed by how soft the facet edges were, but I guess you can't ask too much out of stuff that small from the bead aisle.

I then built a coiling web of arcane energy out of wire-core plastruct rod covered with a mix of glue and putty.  The crackling green death magic both hides the joins and the spot where the shocktrooper's hand gripped the shaft, and provides a flight effect so the axe is properly dancing.

All in all it came out pretty well, and was an entertaining (albeit time-consuming) conversion project.  The troll figure itself was a very straightforward job aside from the axe swap.  Particularly fond of the fish and leg of...something on his belt.  I guess even troll deities and kings need to carry a snack in case they get peckish.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Dreadful Things: Some Mythos & Weird Horror Miniatures

Recently had a commission customer flake out and decide he couldn't afford to pay for the job I finished for him, so I find myself with some oddball customized horror/fantasy figs.  Thankfully one of my other regulars wanted a few of them, and the rest are off to ebay.  But first, a showcase post.
Doctor Smythe, Careless Scientist.
A three figure set with the central one heavily customized, all from Reaper. 

They represent Doctor Smythe's steady decline from humanity to infected mutant to outright horror.

On ebay here:

Lemure in Blood Portal.
Combination of Paizo and Reaper pieces, a very fortuitous fit.

A hefty figure, the base is about 2" across.

On ebay here:

Lemure in Summoning Circle.

Another Paizo and Reaper combo.

The circle's about 1.5" across, a tight fit for tubby there.

On ebay here:

Mythos Scrying Sphere.

Or maybe it's just somebody's badly-behaved pet shoggoth.  Get off the table, Slurpy! 

The table is about 1.5" wide at the top.

On ebay here:

Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath.

A Reaper model on a custom 120mm base.

It's an impressively huge figure, as you'd expect from one of the better-known Mythos critters.

I certainly wouldn't want to argue with it.  Hopefully it enjoys its upcoming flight to Australia.

Naga Princess.

A relatively recent Reaper Bones figure on 45mm base.

Bit better detailed than the first wave Bones figs, albeit still not on par with the norm for metal or resin castings.

This one's also headed for Australia.  Like they didn't have enough dangerous wildlife already.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Down Memory Lane: A Retrospective of Old Glory/Blue Moon 15mm Scifi

Old Glory has a fair-sized range of 15mm scifi figures sold through their Blue Moon line, most of which have been around for almost a decade now.  They're well-made, have  a lot of sculpt variants per pack (generally ten out of ten unique poses, sometimes less), and are remarkably inexpensive if you're an Old Glory Army member.  Despite that, I don't see very many painted images of them online.  So I've gone digging through my old image files and dragged out some examples for a photo gallery post.  You'll have to excuse the wretched quality of some of the images, but they date back to 2011 in some cases and not exactly up to current standards.
You can see the Old Glory web store listings here:
Mix of Universalist Command (who are definitely not 15mm Eldar), Robot Legionnaires, Robot Legion Skirmishers, and Robot Legion Striders
Ten sculpts of Universalists

Only one of the Robot Legionnaires

And I think six of the Velon Skirmishers

Five sculpts of the Nevis

Five sculpts of Averums

Ten sculpts of Betelguesans, who make pretty good pulp Martians in green skin tones, or Star Trek Andorians with blue
Ten poses of Nova Patrol, who are also rather pulp scifi styled

Another mixed Universalist & Robot lot
Wraithguard?  What Wraithguard?

War Walker or Wraithlord Dreadnought, you decide.

Six poses of Zennox - one of the few packs that only has six figures

The Nevi make nice stablemates for the Zennox when you paint them in a similar color scheme

Ten poses of Aquans, who also make good Star Wars Rodians if you paint them green-skinned

Six sculpts for the Twanax, which are the other six-figure pack and much bigger than man-sized

Back to the Averums again, only five sculpts but you get two of each

Orion Republic power armor, ten sculpts that make fine Space Marine proxies
Ten different Mercantile Bond soldiers

Ten sculpts of Vletan Reavers

Ten variants of the Post Human Command sculpts, very nice generic scifi troopers

Ten Terran Confederation trooper sculpts, who also make decent Eldar aspect warrior types
What, more Universalists?

Fereen with Orbs, I believ there are only five infantry sculpts but the two drones also come in the pack, making a total of twelve figures despite what the store page claims

More Fereen, this time two sculpts mounted on huge Goranax, these are single-piece castings on 1" washers in the photo

There are a fair number of codes I don't have passable photos for.  Maybe I'll get around to fixing that some day.