Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Reaper Clown Miniatures


Some more figs from ten years ago, this time a pair of metal Reaper minis from their hodge-podge Chronoscape range.

This is sold as Bonzo the Killer Clown, but comes with spare parts that let you make a non-psychopathic versions as well.

Four-part model with separate hands, head and body, based on a 1" metal washer. 

IIRC you get two or three heads to choose from and maybe two each left and right hands, although Reaper can't be bothered to show the actual parts on their store any more.

There was a time when Reaper's catalogs (both in print and online) were excellent resources for a minis collector, but those days are long gone.

Their current online catalog is fairly dreadful, with far too many minis having only a single small image and only a few showing multi-angle shots or unassembled part layouts. 

Did an awful job on the liquid in the seltzer bottle there, my painting's improved quite a bit since 2013.

And this is Zonkers, this time assembled as a proper killer clown.

Pretty sure I mixed parts between the two kits to make these, but after a decade I can't swear to it.

The bodies are very similar to each other but do have minor differences in the details.

Reasonably happy with this one, especially since it was a quickie paint job for sale on ebay.

The local game store downsized their Reaper section years ago, first disposing of the metals at deep discounts and later selling down the Bones range when it became clear Kickstarter sales had effectively reduced demand to near zero.  

It's a sign of the times I suppose, but even five years before Bones first came along a store that didn't stock Reaper was cutting its own throat with all the lost sales. 

And here we are in 2023 and Reaper's been largely shoved out of retail, with Wizkids happily moving in to take their place.  Kind of sad really, but hardly the most surprising turn of events we've seen in the industry over the years.


  1. Big fan of the Reaper Chronoscope range - though I only buy them as metal as I'm not a fan of bones for 28mm sized figures - they've proved a bit too bendy, imho. I only tend to see Reaper at the big UK wargame shows now, and not in wargaming shows, though the metals do seem popular on eBay. Great job on the two clowns. Both look suitably zany and colourful. :-)

    1. I greatly prefer metal for human-sized 28mm figs myself, especially with the way the price gap between Bones and metal has narrowed over the years. That said, the later Bones Black and Bones USA materials are much better than the original Bones White stuff. Still a little flexible but less prone to serious bendy-straw issues and warped castings. Which is good, since an ever-increasing number of Reaper figs only exist in Bones of one kind or another and most newer figs will never appear in metal.

      That said, even Bones White is fine for bigger, chunkier figs. They're less prone to flexing, weigh a lot less, and the scaling price difference between materials is much better than with smaller models - although again, more recent stuff has seen serious price hikes. Bones White is also easy to work with if you do conversions, as you can see in my earlier posts if you click on the Reaper tag.