Monday, August 29, 2022

Full Thrust: Foes of the Zedoss Monarchy

A small addition to my Zedoss Monarchy project from a few years, specifically adding a couple of capital ships to the Grand Combined Fleet of the Revolution forces.  The ships are kitbashed out of spare parts from the Dropfleet Commander Shaltari range.

Uskaro Gomee-class Battle Disc

The uskaro are a mysterious coalition of mutually symbiotic species from far beyond the borders of the former Zedoss Commonality.  They have ties to the ideni nomads and have provided several ships to the Revolution fleet at their request.  Their battle discs are large and powerful vessels with extremely advanced technology, easily a match for Monarchy 2nd raters.

Gomee-class Battle Disc
TMF 148
NPV 580/CPV 651
Advanced Thrust 5A 
2A q
Level 1 Screen q
3 Fire Control Systems qqq
4 PDS qqqq
2 Pulse Torpedoes (Front 120) 
7 Class 2 Beam Batteries (All Arcsqqqqqqq
7 Class 1 Beam Batteries (All Arcsqqqqqqq
Advanced Hull 44 (15/15/14) - 8 crew units, one every 6th box

Two Gomee-class battle discs facing off against Battle Wing ships at point-blank range

Scale shot with ruler.  Bases are 50mm in diameter.


Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Reaper Giants & Ogres Galley

Gallery showcasing some of Reaper's fantasy big boys (and one gal) along with some kitbashed flaming braziers.

Scale shot with ruler and Frostgrave archer.  As you can see, they're pretty big, and posed to be looking down on mere human runts.  The giants are on 60mm bases.

Scale shot with ruler and Frostgrave archer.  The giant's huge, standing on a 60mm base, while the ogres are only a little smaller on their own integral bases.

Probably my favorite hill giant sculpt ever.  The knuckle-walking simian posture and splayed apelike feet really sell how massive the creature is. 

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Fantasy Conversions: Eyes of Gulvoth, the Eldritch Horror At the Heart of the World

Gulvoth lurks at the heart of the world, an eldritch horror from before the dawn of time.  Here we have three of its thousand eyes, burrowing up to the surface to bring woe to all they gaze upon.  Built quite a few of these over the years, although if I've kept count properly I still need to do another nine hundred and seventy-nine before I'm free from my dark bargain Gulvoth is fully represented. 

Eye of Gulvoth #1 with Kroot & Bowman for scale

60mm base, custom conversion using Bones plastic figs

Eye of Gulvoth #2 with Kroot & Bowman for scale

60mm base, custom conversion using Bones plastic

Eye of Gulvoth #3 with Kroot & Bowman for scale

60mm base, custom conversion using Bones plastic

Monday, August 8, 2022

WizKids D&D Fantasy Monster Gallery


Gallery showing off a few painted plastic figures from WizKids' plastic D&D range.  The plastic is fairly soft, firmer than Reaper's original Bones material but less so than the later Bones USA formulation.  You couldn't pay me to paint human-sized figs with spindly, super-flexible weapons, but on chunkier monsters like these it's acceptable.  Neither expensive nor cheap for what they are, although the amount all newer soft plastics have gone up in the last few years is appalling.  Not as bad as the increase in costs for metals, but it's gotten to the point where hard plastic figs are frequently cheaper and much more pleasant to work with.

Group shot with a Frostgrave soldier for size comparison.  All of the bases have been at least slightly customized.

 Hook Horror, one of many D&D monsters whose look has changed enormously over the years.

Bone Golem, not to be confused with the earlier (and much bonier) bone golem from their old Mage Knight range.

A rather non-traditional Treeman.  A very large model and I rather like the extra arms and shelf fungus, but the flat-topped "stump" head looks a little odd to me.

Shambling Mound, another classic D&D creature that's constantly being re-imagined from one art director to the next.  Quite like the fungus.