Thursday, July 4, 2019

Dreamblade Repaint Gallery

Today's post is a gallery of various and sundry Dreamblade minis that I've repainted (and in some cases re-based) over the last seven years or so.  I don't recall the original names of most of these things, but I have noted conversions where appropriate.

The water elemental critters in front have light conversion work done on their upraised tentacles.





The big guy in the center of this trio of chain golems is a D&D Miniatures range figure.


Much like water elementals above, the Gloranthan Lune (an elemental of the Red Moon) has some light conversion work done on the tentacle.

The center mini is a converted Dreamblade fig with the original fork-hands removed and tentacles added, while the two cultists are Reaper Bones figures.

The human-sized Vor fig on the left was from Ral Partha, now Iron Wind Metals.

The left hand model and the arms on the Dreamblade figure are kitbashed from Reaper Bones parts.


Dreamblade fig with skull and extra metal beetles from Mortal Arrow added.

Reaper cultists on the right,Dreamblade figs on the left, with yet another arm swap for the robed one.

Do a lot of arm swaps on this Dreamblade figure.