Sunday, July 2, 2023

Reaper Gallery: Merchant, Bodyguards & Assassin

 Another set of minis painted back in 2015, all from Reaper Miniatures.

The merchant and his henchmen were sold in one pack, while the assassin was a separate model. 

Everything here is a single-piece casting with integral base, no assembly required.

Not the most sophisticated paint jobs ever, but I'm still rather happy with the color schemes.

The pointy shoes on the assassin are pretty snazzy and his pose is very dynamic for a one-piece cast.

The merchant wins the sartorial contest on the strength of his hat, though.

If I still had these I'd probably be using the set in Frostgrave.

With the new rules for cargo transports in the Wildwood supplement I might use these two as a single transport, perhaps rebased on something a bit larger with one or two of the various "porter" figures added on as well. 

They'd also make a nice mobile scenario objective for homebrew scenarios.

The sculpting sells the weight of the chest pretty nicely, although the guy in the lead is going have some sore muscles pretty quickly in that pose.

He certainly doesn't look very happy about it.

It's nice that they're armed and all, but getting to they'll need to set that load down if they want to fight.

One of Reaper's more whimsical packs without being outright cartoony, something they used to do more of back in the day

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