Thursday, July 6, 2023

Full Thrust Sa'Vasku Gallery


Not sure why these never got put up when I was doing painted galleries for the other Full Thrust factions years ago, but better late than never.  My Sa'Vasku collection was never very large, being restricted to a medium-sized raiding/interdiction fleet, so this gallery will be a less complete showcase for the range than the others with only five ship classes represented.  You can find the complete range here at Ground Zero Games' web store and their official stats in Fleet Book 2.

The complete force. 

Shyy'Tha'Varr-class heavy strikeships with their spines slightly re-positioned - roughly equivalent to human battlecruiser classes

Var'Thee'Sha-class strikeships, roughly equal in mass to human escort cruisers

Vra'Kiir'Sha-class strikeships with minor added detailing, again roughly equivalent to escort cruisers in terms of mass 

Fo'Vur'Ath-class destroyer equivalents

Custom battle damaged "drifting hulk" Shyy'Tha'Varr-class along with a Thy'Sa'Teth-class drone podship, roughly equivalent to a human escort carrier

Group shots for scale and relative sizes


  1. Replies
    1. Belated thanks. Pretty happy with them - this was their third repaint over the years, I kept switching color schemes.

  2. I remember these models, they were feared in Full Thrust Ottawa land I believe.

    1. Sa'Vasku have always been a little contetious in terms of their rules. Some folks think they're unbeatable point-for-point, others think they're much too weak. Me, I lean toward them being a little sub-par but not really bad. A lot of it depends on whether you play with a floating table so they can really exploit their potential range and thrust advantages, or if they're trapped on a fixed table where they wind up getting cornered.

      You didn't actually see these exact minis, did you? I sold them off ages ago but I forget where the buyer was from. Might well have been old fleets and armies are scattered all over the planet at this point. They've travelled a lot more than I have. :)