Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Silent Death: Worm Pods


Found some more ten year old images, this time a squadron of Silent Death figs I'd forgotten about.

These are sold as Worm Pods.

In Silent Death they're fancy boarding pods, delivering bio-engineered crew-killers to enemy ships - which is how the Night Brood dealt with the much larger human warships.

Unsurprisingly, I mostly used them for Tyranid escorts in Battlefleet Gothic or as smaller astrofauna in Full Thrust and Starmada.

If I had them to do over again I'd probably go with a color scheme that makes them look less like the unholy spawn of Cthulhu and a cabbage, but a decade ago it seemed like a good idea.  

I've also added these images to my old Silent Death gallery for completeness.


  1. Ottawa nostalgia, except even back then lots of people played with unpainted ships.

    1. Never got up to Canada to play, despite having gone to college for a couple of years in Buffalo NY and living right over the border in North Tonawanda. Must be nice living in the same country the Silent Death figs are cast in, real postage-saver that. :)