Friday, September 6, 2019

Silent Death Gallery

Had the opportunity to paint a few Silent Death miniatures so I though setting up a gallery for the line might be a good idea.  The range is a big one and well-sculpted but it doesn't get as much online exposure as it deserves, to the point where many people don't realize the figures are still readily available.  The Metal Express web store is still going strong, and as reasonably priced as always:
Anyway, here's the gallery so far.  I'll hopefully be adding more as time allows.

Half a dozen Worm Pods, a Night Brood mini that delivers killer bio-organisms to enemy vessels as a boarding party.

Muckworm formation, a Night Brood design.  Used these guys as Tyranid proxies for a few years.  Never could decide which end was supposed to be the front.  They're small (those are 1" diameter GW bases) but at $1.75 each they're still quite a bargain. 

The Revenge, a torpedo boat.  Another example of an SD mini that makes a great larger warship in games like Full Thrust or High Guard.  This one has a Traveller vibe to it for me, with an obvious ventrally-mounted spinal weapon.

Pharsii II heavy fighter.  Like this one as a Star Wars setting craft, personally.

Star Raven gunboat.  I like this one as a capital ship for Full Thrust and the like.  It's also one of the rare designs where you could call either end "front" and have it look plausible - being pulled along by warp nacelles in front, for example.

Shryak Shuttle, a personal favorite.  Makes a great, well, adventurer's shuttle, as well as a nice ground attack craft.

Dracula fighter, one of the more recent designs.

Sorenson II, one of my favorite SD sculpts.  It's got a distinct pulp scifi feel to it and would look right at home in an early Buck Rogers newspaper strip, and I've painted it to suit.  If you assume the cockpit is a bridge dome or protomic ray turret or something it makes another fine "adventurers' starship" model, especially since it has a kind of obvious boarding ramp on the belly.

Seraph heavy fighter.  Simple no-nonsense design, and easily modified to add more obvious weapons (eg a dorsal turret) or replace the cockpit, which is the only feature that really suggests scale.

Epping gunboat, one of the smaller of the type.  The nearly vertical nose pod brings to mind the Slave-1 from Star Wars, although the rest of the hull is more aircraft-like.  Could still be a small patrol ship for roleplaying games, maybe some kind of customs ship.

The Beta Fortress, a gunboat design.  This is one of many sculpts that make good "adventurer ships" for roleplaying games like Star Wars, Firefly, Traveller, etc.  Big enough that it's obviously not a one-man fighter but with detailing that indicates it isn't a giant capital ship either.  Just the thing for a bunch of dodgy space entrepreneurs to fly around and break the law in.
The model runs $6.50 through Metal Express, a bit above average for the range.  It's bigger than most though, about on par with a medium cruiser fig from one of the Full Thrust ranges.

You'll have to pardon the striping, it does make it a little hard to see the shape of the mini itself.  Hopefully there are enough angles to make it out okay.

Another gunboat, this time the Drakar.  A bit smaller than the Beta but also only $3.25, which is pretty typical for the range.  I like the curvy sleek design, it looks very advanced and a bit alien at the same time.
This is another "adventurer ship" for me, likely a mercenary or bounty hunter pursuit ship.

The Solar Worm - one of my favorite astrofauna minis, a category which isn't well covered in general.  At $8 it's one of the more expensive figs in the line, but it's quite large and comes in two parts plus a variable number of mouth tendrils.  I used two here, but there are sockets for three and you could drill more.  I've also given it a custom 50mm base instead of the twin 1" bases it comes with as stock. 

Baker's Dozen, a mercenary starfighter wing composed of a mix of Blood Hawks and Eagles.  The Eagles are the larger heavy assault designs, the Blood Hawks the smaller craft.

Bellies done in a "cloudy sky" scheme to make them harder to spot for the groundpounders.