Saturday, September 28, 2019

Fading Suns Noble Armada Hazat Adonais-class Dreadnought

Today's post showcases an Adonais-class dreadnought from the Fading Suns / Noble Armada games, the largest ship of the House Hazat fleet.  Only three of the five Noble Houses even build dreadnoughts as the stars slowly darken.
Like most Hazat ships, the Adonais combines an uncommonly large troop complement for its size and a very hard-hitting array of blaster weaponry capable of smashing any foe who comes too close.

This model has been mounted on a 1.5" base with a metal flight post for added durability.  The join between the forward and aft hull has been drilled and pinned, and the two "buttress" pieces have been inverted for extra sturdiness.

The model measures almost exactly 4" long, about the size of a dreadnought or heavy battleship from Ground Zero Games' Full Thrust range.  It can be bought (unassembled and unpainted - comes in 4 parts) through Ral Partha Europe these days for roughly $24 before shipping.

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