Saturday, July 1, 2023

Trinity Battleground Figure Gallery

 Today's post is a bit of history from back in 1997, a partial gallery of painted figures for White Wolf's short-lived Trinity: Battleground miniatures game.  The figs were sculpted by Bob Naismith, and are fairly hard to come by these days thanks to the game's brief lifespan and limited production run.  My own collection of them was never complete by a long shot and these were all sold off almost a decade ago, but posting what images I do have might help collectors get a better idea of what they looked like.  You can find more complete (but unpainted) listings of the range at the Lost Minis wiki.

These figs are from the "Support Squad Dragon" pack, a set of five identical sculpts of close combat troops with armored cestuses.  They were painted up for the Supersystem minis game, with the one guy being a "Legion-class psionic" who created and army of "prismatic energy" duplicates of himself to do the fighting for him.  I lucked into rather a lot of these models in one big purchase when Alliance Distribution was liquidating the line following its cancellation.  Think I was paying under $2 a pack back around 2000 or 2001.

The large green beastie is the aberrant Gommora, who was sold both in blister packs cast in metal and in the core game cast in resin.  The pink one is (I think) Naushka (who was cast in metal and packaged with another aberrant called Drummach), and the little critters are Trogs, a support squad that was sold in packs of three in theory - pretty sure I had  acouple that contained 4 or 5 at random).

And yes, Naushka (or possibly Dummach) has a hole completely through its chest.  It's pretty freaky.   

The large four-armed aberrant is Nazul, who was cast in both resin (in the starter box) and metal (as a solo blister).  His pal is Drummach (or possibly Naushka) from their shared blister pack, and there's another couple of sets of Trogs.

Drummach (or possibly Naushka) narrowly escaped re-purposing into astrofauna back in my Full Thrust days.  Makes a good space monster if you trim the base tab, do some drilling and stick it on a flight base.  Still rather regret not doing the conversion, but I've never found another copy of the model despite years of hunting. 

Aside from still more Trogs, I believe the other three aberrants are Keeper, Sang and Luka, but I have no idea who's who.  They were sold in a single three-figure blister pack toward the end of the game's distribution, and are kind of ridiculously hard to find.  They're definitely not unreleased (I got mine in the store I was managing at the time and it came in from Alliance normally) but quite rare.

Scale shots with an old Vor: the Maelstrom neo-Soviet rad-trooper, who's pretty much as average a 28mm scale fig as it gets.  Bases are 25mm throughout.

Hope whoever bought these is still getting some use out of them.  They aren't the fanciest paint jobs I've ever done, but the sculpts are too quirky to be left on a shelf forever - or worse, wind up in a landfill.

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