Friday, May 12, 2023

Found On A DVD Part 2: Old Figure Gallery

 More random old minis from a long-forgotten DVD.

"I am too an umber hulk.  We didn't always look like spindly bug-men."

Old school Ral Partha Umber Hulk, from back when they had the AD&D license.

"Prince of Shadows?  Never heard of the guy."

One of my earliest attempts at source lighting from the glowing green daggers.  Didn't come out too bad.  A dynamic metal Reaper sculpt.

"Phantasmal Killer?  Yeah, I know that spell."

Reaper mini, originally a metal sculpt, translated to Bones plastic pretty effectively.  One of the better attempts at sculpting a spell effect in mid-cast.

"How come you get the helmet?"  "Shut up, you.  I'm the boss around here."

Old Reaper fig, all cast as a single piece.  A really weighty hunk of metal.


It's still a stone golem.  Did you really expect a witty quote?  Another massive chunk of Reaper metal.  I'm a little baffled why this one doesn't seem to have been re-done in plastic, it would really be a good fit for the cheap Bones white material.

"Backhand chops are my specialty!"

Oh hey, the miniature for my very first 13th Age character.  A Privateer Press mini from their original RPG range.

"Me?  A sinister cultist?  Whatever makes you think that?"  

And my very first homebrew villain for 13th Age, along with her big creepy idol.  The gal is another Privateer Press RPG fig, while the idol is an old Reaper Metal fig.  The thing's cast in two pieces so it's hollow, but still weighs a lot.  Another one of those figs that really should have been done in Bones when it came out but inexplicably didn't.  It's really a shame, the figs has a lot of character.  


  1. Isn't that hippo humanoid a AD&D Spelljammer Giff?

    1. No. It's a Reaper stone golem, just like the post says. Part of their Dark Heaven metals range, must be around 20 years old now. They made at least one unlicensed giff knockoff (monocle and all) years after this one as part of their Chronoscope range.