Thursday, May 11, 2023

Found On A DVD: Old Figure Gallery

Some random old miniatures from years gone by, salvaged from a nearly-forgotten DVD burned ages ago.  The things I find while spring cleaning.

"Trolls, why did it have to be trolls?"

Reaper Bones figs, from back when there was only the white stuff.  Think those are 40mm bases, maybe 50mm.

"Actually, I prefer good sturdy boots for treading jeweled thrones beneath my feet."

Metal reaper fig, arguably the best "Conan" barbarian sculpt ever made.
"Give a hoot, don't pollute.  Try not to bleed all over the forest when your arm is ripped off."

Metal owlbear fig from WotC's Chainamil range.  Over twenty years old at this point.

"I'm so old there actual lead in my alloy.  Fear me!"

Grenadier had some interesting sculpts back in the day.  Think Mirliton still has this one in production.

"My sculpt was inspired by an even older fantasy book cover."

Another ancient sculpt, this one from RAFM.

"Snakes, why did it...wait, we did that gag already."

Not even sure who made this one, possibly Grenadier.  Swap meet find from years ago.

"Worms, why did it have to be...damn, stop that!"

You'd think it would be something from D&D's Age of Worms but nope, OOP Hell Dorado figure.  Kyuss would be proud, regardless.

"Way creepier than snakes any day of the week."

Say what you will, Mage Knight had some neat sculpts.  Just need a bit of rebasing and a decent paint job.

"Aren't yetis supposed to be white?"

"Don't be racist."

Remember when most of Reaper's miniatures were metal?  I do.

"Raar, I'm a dragon."

One of the better early Reaper Bones sculpts.

"Raar, me too."

Not quite as striking in green, although it is a more traditional color scheme.

"You expect a quote from a stone golem?"

Early Bones plastic was probably at its best with relatively simple sculpts.

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