Monday, July 3, 2023

Iron Wind Metals Spellcaster Miniatures


Todays post looks at a couple of 54mm miniatures, a scale I almost never painted owing to its relative rarity.  The figures come from Iron Wind Metals' rather obscure boardgame Spellcaster.  The game itself is nothing to write home about, but there are some nice sculpts in the range if you're looking for a painting project.

This gent is sold as a Gnome Conjurer with "Pet" Dragon, which probably spells out their relationship pretty well. 

Much like cats, you don't have a "pet" when you live with a dragon, you have a roommate.

If you're lucky you get along with each other, if not one or both of you are going to be miserable.

While 54mm scale, this is a gnome and therefore pretty short, although the dragon's head comes up to about 50mm in height.  The base is a 40mm diameter.


This grumpy fellow is supposedly a Barbary Mage, although I ignored that and went with a skin tone that isn't particularly North African.


I suppose the actual Barbary pirates were quite a varied lot anyway.

What a semi-historical reference is doing in an otherwise all-fantasy range is beyond me anyway.

His markings are sculpted on as raised detail, so I suppose they're meant to be ritual scars or something rather than tattoos. 

I've tried to paint them to suggest they're glowing slightly with a blue-white light.

Kind of wish they weren't sculpted on, or that they sold a "smooth" variant to make doing your own ink-work more viable.

As a 54mm human sized fig he's pretty big, as Mister 28mm Scale Figure shows.

If I were going to pick up more of the range, it'd probably be the lizardman and troll shamans, both of which are larger than human by a bit.  Back in the day they were more expensive than the rest (which kept me from buying them at Historicon), but now they're all the same price and they're by far my favorite remaining sculpts.

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