Monday, December 17, 2018

Fractured Dimensions Asmodeus & Pazuzu

Latest commission job, Asmodeus and Pazuzu, two rather "Old School" D&D monsters from Fractured Dimensions.

These were produced via Kickstarter a while back, but it appears Fractured Dimensions are out of business these days.  At the very least their web site is down as of the time of this writing.

I got these for my customer from some remaining stock held by Mortal Arrow, the "tikki troll" manufacturer from this older post:

They're impressively sculpted models with excellent detailing and very clean casting.  All in all very well done, and a shame if they remain out of production.  With the popularity of the Old School Roleplaying movement these days there's certainly plenty of room for more minis catering to nostalgia.  Otherworld and Pacesetter are just scratching the surface of the potential range. 

Asmodeus has some options for assembly, including two open left hands (one with a flame held in the palm), two right hands, and some add-on bits including the book that I've stuck on to the "plain" left hand.

Pazuzu is a two piece casting with the wings separate.  Much easier to paint if you stick them on afterward, obviously.

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