Thursday, December 27, 2018

2018 Retrospective Gallery: Day 4

A stab at painting some models and terrain for Gaslands.  Pretty basic, I think I enjoyed experimenting with the rusty metal effect on the tanks more than doing the buggies.

A couple of sets of Gates of Antares drone minis repurposed as starships for Full Thrust, Starmada, etc.

Some Oathmark Dwarves.  Nice modular figs these, very good alternatives to GW's Lord of the Rings minis.

Not that all GW figs need alternatives.  I quite like their Misty Mountain goblins, which proxy well as postapocalypse mutants or Mythos ghouls and general cannibal cultist types.
Reaper Bones carrion crawler proxy.  Love this goofy sculpt, it's just so adorably retro.

Some Brigade Models' 6mm Pacific Federation grav armor in an ice world/Antarctic color scheme.  These are the more modern resculpts and have quite a bit more fine detail than the originals.

Some 15mm Ground Zero Games riot police with vehicular support.  Could be water cannon, but in a scifi setting could be something else.  Fast-hardening riot foam sprayers?  Disabling chemical jets?  Or for really Grimdark futures, maybe they're just flamethrowers for a proper purging of those heretical cultists.

Finally, a couple of small lots of GZG figs, one representing a corporate security team with drones, tech, and the tech's alien assistant, the other a selection of freelance grease monkeys with their companion robotic helpers.



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