Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Retrospective Gallery: Day 5

A commissioned Demogorgon "Lashing Prince" mini from Pacesetter.  Pretty much a straight copy of the catalog photo's paint scheme.

Mantic Deadzone Stage 1 Plague mini.  Personally I think it makes a better supervillain or dungeoncrawl undead mini than a scifi piece, but to each their own.

Ground Zero Games' Out Rim Coalition minis.  Quite like these guys as generic "sealed suit" scifi types, will probably try them with some variant paint schemes down the road.
Their power armor is also pretty neat.

And boy, do they have a lot of grav bike variations.

Some more GZG Chitters, some of my favorite aliens sculpts in 15mm.

Finally, a convoy of Brigade Models' merchant starships.

Including a few docked to one of their big Kerebos space stations.



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