Tuesday, December 25, 2018

2018 Retrospective Gallery: Day 2

Our 2018 retrospective continues.  Rather a lot of 15mm scifi today.
Several platoons of Ground Zero Games' UNSC light infantry in their spiffy environmental suits, along with some combat androids to keep casualties down and a grav bike squad.


Two small forces of Ground Zero Games' combat androids with human tech and robot repair assistant.
A kitbashed burrowing monster.  Big fan of multi-part critters like this in roleplaying games.
Boy, I did a lot of combat android lots this year, didn't I?
And to cap off our second day, a platoon of GZG's alien mercenaries.  These often get painted green as 40K ork stand-ins, but they also make nice pseudo-Ogryn for Grimdark fans.



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