Friday, March 8, 2019

"White Knights" - Stargrunt ORCDeF Grav-Mobile Space Marine Infantry Platoon

Latest project off the workbench, a platoon of Ground Zero Games' OutRim Coalition Defense Forces naval marines with a trio of Brigade Models' Lynx grav IFVs for transport and fire support.
Three squads of eight soldiers, each squad having a light SAW, a leader figure, and several rifle troopers.  The first squad also includes a smart missile launcher and a specialist with a heavy anti-material rifle for pinpoint sniping work.

The second and third squads are similar but replace the weapon specialists with direct fire fusion guns for short range anti-armor work and breaching duties.  The DFFGs are also quite good at starting fires, making the sealed, armored,  heat-resistant environmental suits of the marines something of a necessity.

Most marine E-suits are also equipped with a "smart camo" system that allows them to change their coloration from the default off-white with a simple menu selection using their onboard electronics and quick splash of a specialized chemical solution that starts the color shift.  Use of this system is often skipped on by the marines whose reputation on the Frontiers is such that just seeing a unit of the "White Knights" attacking is sometimes enough to break their foes.  

I resisted the temptation to leave all their gear and weapons flat black so they'd look even more like Star Wars stormtroopers, but let me tell you, it wasn't easy.