Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"White Knights" Revisited - more ORCDeF Space Marines

Revisiting Ground Zero Games' excellent ORCDeF marine range that I discussed here:
Where the previous lot was a grav-mobile mechanized platoon, today's figure's represent a more static defensive force such as you'd find defending a settlement from raiders or covering your dropships in a landing zone during large operations.  
Lot includes two platoon-strength units, the first being a heavy weapons platoon with four gun teams, four smart mortar teams, attached forward observers and orbital support coordinators, plus a couple of smart missile specialists.

Total of 24 men, plus the 4 individually based mortar models.

Second platoon is a standard "leg" infantry platoon with three 8-man squads, each with a mix of gauss rifle troopers, heavy weapon specialists, and leaders.  Total of 24 infantry miniatures.

Really love these sculpts, and not just because they're so very Star Wars-ish when painted this way.  Doesn't hurt, though.  :)

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