Friday, March 15, 2019

Full Thrust UNSC Deep Space Explorer Carolyn Janice Cherry

Today's post showcases a few of Ground Zero Games' UNSC starship minis, which are sold unpainted here:
Suggested playtest stats can be found here:
The two smaller ships are the Lake-class destroyers UNSS Tanganyika and UNSS Junaluska.  These are three piece models - hull, engine, and belly weapon pod - which is unusual for GZG sculpts.  Destroyers and other small ships are generally single-piece castings.  

The mid-sized ship is a the UNSS Javor, Mountain-class light cruiser.  This is also a three piece casting consisting of forward hull, central "wing" module, and engine pod.

The larger UNSS Carolyn Janice Cherry started life as a Visionary-class explorer model, but I couldn't resist the temptation to fiddle with it by swapping parts around and adding some bits.  Still a deep-space exploration vessel rather than a warship, but a very different design visually.

Cherry's had the main sensor array moved in front of the main hull and an additional sensor pod added to prow.

Her dual smaller engines have swapped out for a single capital ship pod.

And she's had an Ardent-class ship's cutter added, which you can see here snugly docked to the ventral hull.

And here, flying free.

You can see more details on the Ardent class in my earlier post here:

The UNSC doesn't officially name sublight craft and shuttles and the like, simply giving them hull numbers instead, but most earn nicknames from their crews.  Cherry's cutter was given the hull number 77185 upon assignment to the ship, leading the crew to refer to her simply as the Lucky Seven-Seven.

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  1. Really nice! I love the UNSC ships but they are pig to put together and line up properly. Love your conversion, concept and colour scheme.