Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Full Thrust Convoy TQX-5551: Outbound for the Frontier at last

After a week of showcasing the ships in this convoy in smaller lots, we've finally got some big full-group shots.
Total of 30 ships plus a pair of small cutters which can be seen docked to two of the ships as well as being their own seperate models.

Fourteen civilian ships in a bunch of different styles, fourteen escort warships of varying sizes, a big UNSC science ship that kind of straddles the line between civilian and military, and a huge auxiliary warship built off a converted military fleet tender.
Most models are from Ground Zero Games' Full Thrust range, with a few Brigade Models and Silent Death minis mixed in.  Includes the following:
2 NAC Troutbridge frigates (GZG)
1 NAC Fort Carstairs auxiliary warship (converted GZG fleet tender)
2 New Israeli Tzayad destroyers (GZG)
2 ScanFed Hrafn frigates (GZG)
2 Free Cal-Tex Austin destroyers (GZG)
1 Japanese Soyokaze destroyer (GZG)
2 Japanese Ashigaru frigates (GZG)
1 Japanese Shoya sensor picket (GZG)
1 UNSC Mountain light cruiser (GZG)
2 UNSC Lake destroyer (GZG)
1 UNSC Deep Space Explorer (converted GZG Visionary explorer)
5 Tradewind and Tradewind 2 cargo ships (GZG, one of each variant)
1 Olympus passenger ship (GZG)
1 Kestrel free trader (GZG)
2 Luxury space yachts (GZG, one lightly converted)
1 Merino livestock transport (GZG)
1 Aquarius liquid transport (Brigade)
1 Solar Mariner far trader (Brigade)
1 Sentry guradship (Silent Death)
2 little cutters on separate flight bases (GZG 15mm Stargrunt figs) 

You can see more photos and a bunch of background stuff at the links below:





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  1. Don't suppose you'd consider breaking up the lot?
    What I'd really really like is the UNSC escort ☺