Monday, February 18, 2019

Dreadful Things: Troll King and the Axe of Dancing Doom

Unlike the guy from my last post, most of my commission customers actually pay for their job when it's done.  For example, I just finished up this conversion and painting job for one of my regulars.
The mini on the right started life as a Fractured Dimensions "troll deity" from one of their Kickstarters.  The Axe of Dancing Doom is a kitbash that started life as the weapon off one of Privateer Press' Khador shocktroopers, another of which has been swapped on to the troll in place of his original two-handed axe.

The task here was to make a troll king armed with a magical weapon for D&D use, specifically an axe of dancing - that is, a weapon that can float in the air and fight on its own for brief periods.

After cutting and extending both axe hafts a bit (they're ALMOST a perfect fit, but only almost) I added a pair of tiny craft store gems to the axe heads per request.  Have to admit I was a little disappointed by how soft the facet edges were, but I guess you can't ask too much out of stuff that small from the bead aisle.

I then built a coiling web of arcane energy out of wire-core plastruct rod covered with a mix of glue and putty.  The crackling green death magic both hides the joins and the spot where the shocktrooper's hand gripped the shaft, and provides a flight effect so the axe is properly dancing.

All in all it came out pretty well, and was an entertaining (albeit time-consuming) conversion project.  The troll figure itself was a very straightforward job aside from the axe swap.  Particularly fond of the fish and leg of...something on his belt.  I guess even troll deities and kings need to carry a snack in case they get peckish.

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