Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Full Thrust ORCDEF Starships from Studio Bergstrom

Latest starship painting project is a fleet of ORCDEF ship from Studio Bergstrom's Future Frontier range, originally designed by Rob May.

There are suggested Full Thrust stats and write-ups for these minis here:

If I were going to modify those stats based on gameplay, I'd probably swap out some or all of the graser-1 mounts on the larger ships (battlecruiser and up) in exchange for a single-arc graser-2.  Both the battlecruiser and battleship can easily fit one, with a leftover mass for a little more hull.  The superdredanought can manage a graser 2 and still retain one or two graser-1 mounts, especially if you trade in a hull box or two. 

That would give them a bit more reach off the prow, albeit at a cost of some closer ranged punch.

I've always liked these sculpts for the feel of sheer blocky power they radiate.  Using the catalog paint scheme they're very easy to paint, mostly just a matter of doing some edge highlighting and picking out details for the guns and engines.

Like all Studio Bergstrom minis they're remarkably cleanly cast, and most are single piece metal castings.

The battleship and superdreadnought (the catalog calls it a carrier) have resin hulls, with the engine caps cast in metal.  Assembly is very simple, although you may need to drill out the holes for your flight posts to widen them a bit, they're a bit tight as-is.


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