Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rebel Minis 15mm Scifi Alien Worms Showcase

Looking back to 2014 today to show off some more models from Rebel Miniatures.

You can find these models unpainted on their web store here:

The worm-holes were handmade out of some putty on a 1" washer base, although Rebel sells something very similar in resin along with some terror-mites here:

The sand worm here was formerly a Starship Troopers figure, but has been redone as a three pieces miniature, with two resin body halves and a metal mouth section. 

The smaller ripper worms make nice companions models for the big boy, either as larva forms or just a related species from the same alien ecology.

As you can see, they're still pretty big in 15mm.

All of them could scale jump to 28mm without a problem, and they could work in scifi, fantasy, or horror settings as well.  Nice, versatile, inexpensive figs.  Hard not to like.

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  1. Rebel have always had some great stuff (and some not so great, admittedly). You did a fine job on these; that fleshy colour has just enough ick value without being over the top. They look like actual creatures!