Sunday, January 12, 2020

Rebel Miniatures Brog 15mm Scifi Showcase

Today we're looking back into 2013 again and taking a look at some more 15mm scifi figures.

These are Rebel Miniatures alien Brog infantry, which you can buy unpainted at his web store:

The paint jobs are a bit dated, the photography more so, but I think they show off the sculpts adequately.

For some reason I don't see a ton of Rebel stuff online, which seems strange to me.

His prices are quite good, he's got a nice range of sculpts within each of many factions, and he's in the US, which is a big plus in terms of shipping costs these days - well, if you live here, anyway.

Admittedly, his alien races are almost all humanoid rather than freakier looking stuff like GZG's Xar or Ixx, but they have consistent styles of weaponry, which is a plus.

Their gear looks just different enough to obviously be from different armies across the various races, while still looking like they share similar technology bases.

I'm particularly fond of the little orbs on many figs' backs, which I've summarily decided are combination power packs and personal shield generators.

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