Monday, January 20, 2020

Combat Wombat 15mm Scifi Vehicles

Combat Wombat has been out of business for years now, and his old range languishes in limbo over at Skullduggery Press, but several people were wishing for images of the models for posterity's sake.  Some digging around in old photos (over a decade now, in some cases) turned up a few, at least.  No idea what these were called in the original catalog, but at least they're photos.
Some light grav tanks, most converted with a Rebel Miniatures Grey in the commander's hatch and added flight bases.
The turrets were drilled and pinned to let them rotate, and the bases were left unglued for ease of transport.

Some heavy hover tanks and a mobile artillery blower to go with them.  Think they shared some components, and the gun barrels are the signature turned-aluminum ones CW was so generous with.

I was definitely thinking Hammer's Slammers when I gave them all names.  Artillery hogs are apparently my spirit animal.

These were IFVs, and shared design features with a small family of models, including an APC and a smaller version as some kind of recon scout IIRC.

Probably some minor conversions to the turrets, but I can't swear to it.


  1. It would be nice if someone who actually could run a business took those molds.

    1. To be fair, I never had any problems ordering from Combat Wombat when he was open, but every time he got deployed again there were months of shutdown since he was a one-man op. Sadly, I think Skullduggery Press wound up with his molds and production rights, which means we'll probably never see them again.