Wednesday, January 22, 2020

King Kong & Pals: A Monster Movie Figure Set

Another old project from 2013 using a mix of Old Glory 15mm tribesmen and a Reaper giant gorilla figure to do a King Kong/Skull Island-themed figure set.
The Old Glory minis come in the usual nice variety of sculpts, and this is just one of many styles ("tribes") they make, many of them a bit "Hollywood" feeling. 

You can find the whole range here:

They come with shields in a variety of types, but I went without for these guys to keep the costume and prop budget down.

The big guy is a 28mm scale Reaper fig from the days before Bones came along.

Think I paid $25-ish for him in metal when he first came out, a bargain for the weight.

That was up to $45 the last time I looked, which means next time I need a giant primate it's the toy store for me.

Nicely detailed, as you'd expect from a Jason Wiebe sculpt.

Admittedly a bit small compared to the original movie monster (and a runt compared to the Tojo or Kaijuverse versions) but still good sized.

Perhaps it's a juvenile Kong, or an Exceptionally Mighty Joe Not-So-Young instead?


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    1. WizKids has come out with a similarly-sized and more Kong-like giant ape in their D&D range since I wrote the original post. At about $16 retail it's competitive with toy store stuff and higher quality. The rise of 3D printing has undoubtedly produced a few other great big apes but I haven't had occasion to go looking for any yet.