Monday, May 13, 2019

Emperor Spider: Custom Monster for Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, and Rangers of Shadow Deep

Another custom monster for use in Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, and Rangers of Shadow Deep.  This one's a true monster and should probably only be used in specific scenarios where hunting (or avoiding) the thing is the main goal.  Ghost Archipelago players could try swapping it in for the Monarch as a random creature, which is about equally horrifying.

Emperor spiders are almost impossibly gigantic specimens of their kind, and are believed to be living avatars of some primal arachnoid deity.  They are most often found in jungles, mountainous terrain, and sometimes cyclopean underground caverns and tunnel systems.  Rumors tell of shamanic rituals that can stir them to hunt in other environs though, and there are old stories of entire settlements wiped out by a single Emperor.  Thankfully they pay little attention to anything as small as a human, preferring larger prey like saurian and giants unless provoked.

M     F     S     A     W     H 
 6    +8   +0    12    +8     30

Notes:  Giant Animal, Expert Climber, Giant Hunter, Immune to Poison, Large, Poison, Webs Everywhere

Giant Animal:  The creature's type is Animal, but is immune to spells that affect normal-sized Animals such as a Beast Warden's Command or Control Animal.  If being used as a potential random encounter, they can be randomly called to the battlefield with Beast Cry.  Have fun with staying out of its way if it shows up.

Expert Climber:  The creature suffers no movement penalties for climbing.

Giant Hunter:  The creature is immune to the Terrifying trait.  This creature treats all Large figures as enemies when determining its actions during the Creature Phase, and will initiate hand-to-hand combat with other creatures if they have the Large trait.  During step 2 and step 4 of determining its actions, the creature ignores any crew without the Large trait unless they are within 3" (rather than the usual 10").

Immune to Poison:  The creature never suffers from the Poisoned condition.

Large:  The creature suffers -2 F when defending against Shooting Attacks, and may have trouble fitting through small openings and into confined spaces.

Poison:  Any enemy damaged by this creature in combat suffers the Poisoned condition. 

Webs Everywhere:  Any model starting its activation within 6" of this model must make a Fight test with a target number of 13+.  If they fail they can take only one action and cannot act as a Supporting Figure in melee combat this turn.

The model here is a Reaper Bones demonic spider.  Despite being mounted on 120mm base, I still had to reposition the legs quite a bit to get it to fit.

Certainly looks like the kind of thing to dethrone a Monarch.

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  1. I don't know, humans looks like perfectly sized. Squeeze-it bottles for that thing.