Monday, November 5, 2018

Moongrunt Peoples' Space Force Combat Task Force

Quick gallery post showcasing the Chinese Peoples' Space Force from Ground Zero Games' Moongrunt range.  I did post for the US side of the range ages ago but forgot to add their opponents in the First Lunar War.  The original post is here:
This is actually the second largish group of PSF stuff I've painted up not the figs from the old teaser, but the color scheme's basically the same and there's still a decent selection of the range to show off.  All the infantry figs are here, although I'm missing some of the vehicles.
These models are available unpainted from GZG here:


  1. Pretty cool, I dig the yellow star's on top of the helmets.

  2. Yup, those look nice. Of course, for anyone targeting them, the red and yellow stands out against the black/grey bases - but then that's just in the visible part of the spectrum. Maybe futuristic sensors (IR, motion, gravitic...) are just so good that optical camouflage doesn't matter any more. And in any case, *we* need to see where are our little models and we need to be able to distinguish them from their enemies :-) .

    1. And also, in the Far future of the next 50-100 years. Looking cool is what matters. :D

    2. I'm assuming that by the time a war on Luna (or some planetoid, or the moons of Mars, etc) is even vaguely plausible, tech will have gotten to the point where visual camo is almost pointless. Even the best combat suit will stand out like sore thumb on heat signature alone, and the Mark I eyeball sensor is nearly useless on (say) the dark side of Luna or other bodies. So yeah, I'll take cool over realistic here, especially since the whole idea of Moongrunt as a setting is a bit camp to begin with. Could a US-China war happen on the Moon? Maybe, but if so I suspect it'd be fought with drones rather than troopers in vac suits.

  3. Perfect! The colour scheme fits the theme on spot.

  4. You've done an awesome job of these. I bet that Red and yellow will really pop beautifully once you drop them onto a grey lunarscape. Of course, they'll blend right in during the subsequent Mars campaign though...

    Are you getting some of the new British Lunar Forces to join your collection?