Saturday, September 30, 2017

Moongrunt US Mobile Infantry Platoon

Boy, this has been a hard month to pry time loose to blog.  Here's a gallery of my latest painting project, a 15mm scale US Mobile Infantry Platoon for Ground Zero Games' Moongrunt / First Lunar War setting.  Hopefully I can find the time in October to do post some rules suggestions for using Stargrunt for lunar combat, as well as getting back to some more Full Thrust and Dropfleet content.

There's a slightly larger Chinese Moongrunt force on the paint desk right now as an OpForce.

Most of these figures can be found here:

The larger US suits repurposed ESU power armor from here:

Teaser for the Chinese infantry mentioned above.  




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. FWIW, in the years since I posted these GZG has expanded the Moongrunt range with a British force, although it's a bit smaller than the US and Chinese ones. Three sizes of buggies but no rover or rocket sled, and no infantry with squad support lasers. I haven't seen them in person but the catalog photos look nice.

      Jon's been very quiet about new releases since the pandemic arrived, going on 10 months since the last site update and almost a year since we've had any new minis.

  2. Very nicely done...I'll be using some of your paint scheme for my own Moongrunt figs!

  3. Hey mate! I know I'm suuuper late to the moongrunt party, but what figs are those US big boy suits? they look really cool and I think they're the PKaZ tomorrow war units but I cant quite tell.

    1. oops! Didnt pay enough attention, you listed what suits you used. Now I feel a little bit slow. But I do have just one more question - what size and thickness were the bases you used for the infantry?

  4. Actually, updated the post with the figure info so everyone could see it - comments tend to get overlooked. All the infantry is on US pennies, so about 20mm diameter and 2mm thick.