Wednesday, December 25, 2019

2019 Retrospective Gallery: Day 2

Continuing the retrospective started yesterday.
Customized Ground Zero Games cargo hauler and a quartet of Brigade Models' satellites.
Cute little things, these.

This one incorporates parts from several kits.

The green cargo boxes and gray tank cluster are from other freighters.

The red tanks at the rear are from the orbital workshack.

Behold, Vhuul the Many-Handed!
Custom eldritch horror converted out of several Reaper Bones figures.

Some 28mm Infinity figures and a converted scenic base from a commission job.
Nifty little mini-diorama.

The casualty figure is a re-pose from a standing model.

Surprisingly effective at setting that "Sniper!  They got Joe!" moment.

Another commission job, this time 15mm scifi.
IFV and AFV from Rebel Miniatures.

The main bodies are resin, the rest of the parts are metal.

Very well designed, it's almost impossible to misalign the tracks due to the way the hulls are sculpted.

That's it for today.  Happy holidays again.


  1. Very nice. Where are the satellites from ?

  2. Stunning stuff. Simply stunning output, Dick.

    1. Thanks, didn't quite reach my goal for overall count this year but still pretty happy about 2019.