Tuesday, December 24, 2019

2019 Retrospective Gallery: Day 1

End of the year is coming up, so let's do another annual retrospective.  Bit less to show off this year, mostly because I've been much better about blogging regularly as I finished projects.  Still some stuff that hasn't been up yet though.
Some 15mm scifi - a mechanized grav infantry platoon composed of Ground Zero Games' new-sculpt NSL infantry and Brigade Models' Lynx grav APCs.
The decals on these things are impossibly ancient.  Some are from military model kits from my childhood, while the heraldic icon came off old Armoury decal sheets.

Worked surprisingly well for ~40 year old decals.
A selection of 15mm undead from Splintered Light minis.
Wraiths, phantoms, ghosts and the like.

Skeletal archers.

Skeletal dire wolves.

Ghouls and a ghast.

Miscellaneous leader & bodyguard types.

Angry undead treant and overfed ghoul shaman.

28mm scale Mortal Arrow troll mutant.
Heavily converted using spare parts from other kits.

What's got two heads, four hands, and a bad attitude?

"Graaarrrr!  We hate riddles!!!"

15mm Ground Zero Games ESU power armor.
My favorite of their power armor sculpts to date.

That's it for today, folks.  Have a happy holiday.



  1. Great to see painted stuff :) I remember painting stuff once :) Lovely work

    1. It's easier to stick to it when it's a job. I still find a
      little time for my own hobby work, but mostly it's commissions these days.