Thursday, December 26, 2019

2019 Retrospective Gallery: Day 3

Onward with the retrospective with a slew of commission pieces.
15mm scifi tanks from Orbital Heavy Industries.  Some really nifty stuff from him over here:

Some 28mm scaled (albeit larger than man sized) SLA Industries power suits repurposed as 15mm  Martian light mecha, with some minor conversion work.

Some more 15mm scifi armored vehicles.  Some conversions and parts swaps required due to missing pieces and poor fits.

Some kitbashed starship terrain including a stargate/warp portal and five guard satellites.
The gate is a dual-sided and made out of some spare bases.  That's a 1.5" base it's mounted on.

The satellites are a bits box bash.

Think the hulls were from some Gates of Antares models, and the guns are from the ever-handy Dropfleet Commander space station kit, along with some craft store bits and bobs.

You can see these and more Dropfleet stations on the huge gallery page here:
Happy Boxing Day, all.



  1. The Martian Mechs are very well painted. I gotta say that the tank column camo is Expertly done.

    1. Thanks! Customer was happy with both, which is always the important part.