Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019 Retrospective Gallery: Day 5

Today's look-back as 2019 winds to a close.
15mm Ground Zero Games Crusties.
Done a lot of these over the years in various color schemes.

These are the armored environment suit infantry sans the optional backpacks.

Crusty light mecha with a variety of weapons.

Those are 1.5" bases.

The kits are quite modular with multiple build options and spare arms.

One of the crusty heavy mecha done for commission.

2" base here for better stability, it's quite hefty.

A bit of a pain to assemble but a nice kit overall.

 A small Hawkwood fleet for Fading Suns & Noble Armada.
There are some small conversions here, mostly turret replacements.

These were an ebay purchase and came with some missing parts.

The four Sawfly-class command frigates are pretty rare, Mongoose didn't produce a ton of them.

Some lightly kitbashed horror figs, using Paizo and Reaper models.

I rather like the idea of a fortune teller with a Cthulhu Mythos crystal ball.

Getting close to the end now.

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  1. I do know where those 15mm Ground Zero Games Crusties ended up ;)