Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Gellerpox Infected For Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000


Gellerpox Infected Kill Team

Lumberghast and Vulgrar the Thrice-Cursed

40mm bases, so fairly large minis cast in four and seven pieces respectively

The Lumberghast has a head swap taken from the Chaos Spawn kit

They'd make very good Chaos Spawn proxies themselves, although you'd want to stick them on 50mm bases for that role

Bloatspawn and Fleshscreamer 

Stock models on 40mm bases, cast in seven and three parts

The tentacles are a bit of a pig to paint and might be best done before final assembly

I've gone with a radically different color scheme on the one arm there to emphasize the "stitched on" look it has

Gellerpox Mutants

25mm bases, and roughly man-sized by the dubious standards of Games Workshop

These are also easy to assemble and come in three or four pieces each

The drawback to that is extremely limited modularity, they require surgery for even minor conversions


25mm bases and single piece models, as are the rest of the figures from here on


Could easily be mixed into a Tyrnaid ripper swarm base, or used for Necromunda wildlife

Eyestinger Swarms

How the big singleton fly is a swarm is beyond me, but it does make a great familiar to add to a Chaos sorcerer or demon prince


Another fine example of Necromundan fauna

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