Saturday, November 16, 2019

Dreadful Things: Mortal Arrow's Warren of Vile Fungi Kickstarter

I've done a couple of posts about Mortal Arrow Miniatures in the past:
I see they've got a Kickstarter ending in the next couple of days for a large variety of fungaloid/myconid/twyzog minis and other underground monstrosities, which can be seen over here:
They sent me some figures to paint for the KS back toward the start of the year, but there seems to have been a communication disconnect and I haven't heard from them since February or thereabouts.  First I heard of the KS even starting was today, which is a shame but I signal boost for it as much as I can at this late date.
I've only got a few of the earlier sculpts painted up, but I'll post them here on the off chance it helps convince you to back the project.  Most of the really impressive figs came later and can be seen on the KS link.  There's even a add on option for a gigantic Demon Queen of Evil Fungi who would not be out of place lurking below an unholy site dedicated to evils of the elemental variety, if you get my meaning.
The KS page has excellent images of unpainted models with a human mini for scale, so I won't bother with a ruler or scale fig here.  Seriously, go the KS page and take a look.  :)
From left to right, these three are the Baby Basidirond, the Prime Ustilagor, and the Nymph Ustilagor.  All are metal multi-part models, although I'm not sure if the final production models will be partially resin.  Probably not, given their small size.  KS add-ons for $4, $6, and $5 respectively.

This one's a Fruiting Ascomid.  It came in two parts ("flight base" and main body) and is resin, at least as a pre-production cast.  If it isn't obvious from the photos, the detail on the sculpt is quite phenomenal.  KS add-on for $9.

And this is the larger Fellrot Ascomid, a single-piece resin casting.  Again, a stunning level of detail here.  KS add-on for $12.  Has a hole for a flight post of some kind - you can see it in the image at the start of this post.

Unfortunately these are the only minis I have from the much larger variety in this project, but hopefully they give a good idea what you'll be getting when Mortal Arrow gets them into production sometime in 2020.  They've run crowdfunding projects in the past and have a good reputation for delivering properly, so as safe an investment as you'll likely find on Kickstarter.

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