Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Down Memory Lane: Four-Color Figures Superfigs Miniatures Gallery

Going way back to 2011-2012 today with a gallery post showing off some of Four-Color Figures' Superfigs range, available through Old Glory's webstore here:
Despite what it says on the store, these are large 28mm scale, not 25mm.
Assassin Acolytes Henchmen
The figs with archaic weapons are in pack 1, the silenced firearms are in pack 2.
Mounted on their integral bases here.

Alien Host Omega Shocktroops
Mounted on 40mm GW bases here.

Alien Host Alpha Shocktroops
Mounted on GW 40mm bases here.

Mecha-Samurai Henchmen
1.25" washer bases if I remember correctly.


The Ego-Bot
Again, on a GW 40mm base.

Battering Ram
VOR 50mm base - he's a big boy, easily as heavy as a Growler Bull.

Krong the Mighty
Again, a VOR 50mm base.



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