Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dropfleet Commander Space Station sprues & parts guides

There don't seem to be many images of these online, so here are images of the parts guide/assembly instructions (more like "vague suggestions" really) from the Dropfleet Commander space station kit.

The box set comes with the guide sheet and two frames worth of the elaborate Dropfleet Commander bases, including their required labels, tracking pegs, flight posts, and widgets.  There are six 50mm bases and eight 35mm ones, although any of them will work reasonably well for any size station.  That's probably enough to give you a couple of spares even if you really stretch your parts out over smaller builds.  You can easily get eight to ten good-sized builds out of one box, and twelve is not a huge stretch.  This is what I built out of my first box, with only a few bits left over for future projects.
There are also four identical frames of actual model parts, which you can see photographed from both sides below.


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