Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Dropfleet Commander Kitbash: Fuel Tanker

Quick post to show off a kitbashed fuel tanker using some spare parts from the Dropfleet Commander range.  About 2.25"/6cm long and uses parts from two Shaltari cruiser sprues.  Very simple build and not the best paint job I've ever done, but I rather like the look.

Mounted on a 1" hex base, which are getting pretty rare at this point.  Apparently the last mold for making them finally died sometime during the COVID shutdown and have yet to be replaced, which makes me wonder if they'll ever be coming back.  They've been around for close to fifty years and not having them available any more feels kind of weird, although they were never my favorite style of flight base and there are certainly plenty of other options still on the market.

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