Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dreadful Things: More custom monster kitbashes

Back to the custom monster kitbashes, mostly using Reaper Bones parts.  Most are quite large, mounted on 60mm bases.
Toad demon body with Bathalian head swap.

And another take on the same idea but with a different Bathalian contributing its noggin.

Toad demon with Eldritch demon head swap.

Vhuul the Many-Handed, eldritch Underdark horror.  Kitbashed from a Purple Worm and parts from several Numenera models and few other bits, plus quite a bit of putty.

Toad demon with Numenera creature head swap.

Yet another Toad demon with Bathalian head swap.

Bathalian with head swap from the bits box.

And another Toad demon and Eldritch demon kitbash, with a more subtle color scheme.


  1. Fantastic stuff! Had toad demon for some time and couldn't figure out how to modify it well, now I do, thanks.

  2. Gruesome! I particularly like "Vhuul the Many-Handed", what a disturbing concept :0