Sunday, February 11, 2018

Stargrunt 15mm Armored Alien Infantry (or are they Battledroids?)

Just a quick showcase of my latest stab at painting Ground Zero Games' Crusty aliens in armored environmental suits.  I've painted these several times over the years, and I think this is my favorite color scheme to date.  The models are single piece casting with an optional separate backpack with odd "mantis claw" arms on them and what might be jump jets or just extra air tanks.  In this case I've left off the packs since I wanted the model to look a bit less busy.

There are three different sculpts of the basic trooper with energy rifle, sold in packs of six models.

As well as a special weapons pack with three each of two different weapons.

The backs of the models are fully detailed, which you can't see when the backpacks are glued on.  With them left off they're a bit less alien looking but still pretty clearly non-human.

Personally, I think they'd also make pretty good alien combat robot types, and would probably fit in a Star Wars game comfortably as a battledroid of some kind.  So, pretty versatile, maybe more so than the "naked" Crusty models are.


  1. Thanks! They're a pleasure to paint, just enough detail to be interesting and the funky weapons are a nice change from the usual human assault rifles and LMGs.