Monday, January 29, 2018

15mm Scifi: Ion Age Prang Raiders & Army Platoon

My latest 15mm scifi project comes from Ion Age's Prang range.  The Prang are an amphibious alien race that are best described as militaristic bipedal hippos with weapons and armor to suit their physique.  There are basically two different types available, the mercenary/outlaw raiders and the actual Prang army troops.

The Raiders are pretty diverse lot, although a lot of their gear is clearly "borrowed" from the regular Army arsenals.  The background fluff for them makes it clear that they're pretty much in it for the loot and will make off with anything they can carry.

I particularly like the captain's "pet" here.  Much more fun to paint than a parrot.

As you can see, their guns are kind of huge.  Plenty of pouches and bags for hauling off plunder, too.
The Army troops are a bit more uniform in appearance, and they tend to come in larger numbers.  As you can see here, they're much more massive than your average human being (or Terminator robot, in this case).
I've got this platoon split into three squads of eleven, each with a different leader and three heavy weapons.

They've also got a nice medic (who could also be some kind of scientist or civilian merchant or something) and a couple of casualty figs.  Those are always fun to paint, and make good markers for objectives even in rules systems that don't track injured troops on the tabletop.


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    1. Thanks! They're really great sculpts to work with, nice crisp detail and lots of character. The fact that they're so much more massive than humans makes it feel almost like painting 20mm instead of 15mm.