Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ion Age 15mm Mk I Skylark Squadron

Today's post showcases a trio of the 15mm Ion Age Mk I Skylark Gunships from Alternative Armies.
These are the original design of the Skylark, and are armed with a rotary chaingun in a chin turret, a six-shot smart missile pod in a dorsal turret, and a hull-mounted target designation laser. 

The dorsal turrets have been left unglued (they have quite a sung fit) so they can be repositioned as desired.  The engine nacelles and chin turrets are fixed in place.

All three are mounted on 2" flight bases, and are all-resin models.

Two are in tail-up "attack" positions, while the third is in level flight "sprint" mode.

These figures are OOP at this point, but retailed for about $9 US when they were still for sale.