Monday, April 16, 2018

I Got Yer Minerals Right Here: Rogue Stars Miner Crew

Haven't shown off a Rogue stars crew in a while, so here's another one.  Once again derived from Warlord Games' Gates of Antares range, specifically the Boromite and (for the little guy) Isorian factions.

Theme here is an alien mining crew, all of whom are silicoid life forms, ie they all have the Mineral trait in Rogue stars.

Tactical Discipline would probably be Hard To Kill, although On The Double might also work.  The crew's almost pure melee to start, so mobility and durability are a priority.

The little guy on the left is Quilk, a psionic alien that the rest of the crew treat more like a pet than a person.  Quilk's a lazy type and doesn't mind, since it rarely has to do any real work to stay comfortable.  Same mentality as your average cat, really.  Mechanically, it has no hit locations besides torso (which takes limb hits) and head and can't use equipment.  Traits are as follows:

Psionic (Healing, Levitation)
Tough 1
30 XP

The Boromite miners are a gruff lot with some pretty good equipment, although very lightly armed.  All of them are competent techs, pretty good in melee, and quite tough, but they aren't fast and their shooting game is lousy.

Hund is the gent fiddling with the drone on the left of the images.  Traits and gear:
Tech 2
Tough 2
Weapon Master 2
Exoskeleton (half cost for being a Miner crew)
Force Shield
Monowire Blade (really a scifi Swiss army tool he's got tucked away, but serviceable in a fight)
55 XP
Munt carries the big salvage claw tool, which has a built-in plasma cutter.
Tech 1
Tough 3
Weapon Master 3
Force Shield
Flamer Pistol (the built-in plasma torch)
Fixed Vibrobayonet (the salvage claw - stats are close enough)
57 XP
Brod is the smart one, and is either scanning for ore deposits in the area or checking Facebook on his multicomp.
Tech 3
Tough 2
Weapon Master 2
Force Shield
Monowire Scourge (really just a weighted length of monowire cable coiled up in one of his pouches - he got the idea from a David Drake novel, no doubt)
58 XP
Pretty big chunky figures, Quilk excepted.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Stargrunt Phalon Mercenary Showcase

Quick post showcasing Ground Zero Games' 15mm Phalon miniatures, painted up here as an alien mercenary platoon with a pair of UNSC liaisons to keep an eye on them.  Phalons make great allies but it's best not to drop your guard around them since they've got a cultural bias toward "renegotiating" agreements (often at gunpoint) the moment they see an advantage in doing so. 

GZG only makes a single pack of these figs, although they do have pretty good variety with a five different poses including leader and trooper with pulsers and three different support weapons.  Hopefully they get an expansion some day, adding more poses of grunts and command figs as well as commo specialists, crew-served guns, and some power armor with their signature biotech look.


While Stargrunt never did see the "Bugs Don't Surf" expansion come out, there are playtest rules for the Phalons over here, which I'll vouch for as being quite playable and good at reflecting their canonical racial traits and equipment from Full Thrust Fleet Book 2: 



Sunday, March 18, 2018

Gloranthan Bestiary: Chaos Dragonsnail

A bit of Runequest roleplaying nostalgia today in the form of a repainted and rebased "drakesnail" repurposed for use as a mutated Gloranthan dragonsnail.  These were always one of my favorite monsters from the Glorantha setting and it was nice (albeit surprising) to find a perfect proxy for one in the Dreamblade range.  Getting the model off the Dreamblade base was a major pain, but it looks much better on 60mm round base.  Also has some obvious utility if you're running a roleplaying game set in Larry Niven's "The Magic Goes Away" setting, although this thing looks pretty hard to kill with a lousy glass dagger.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dance, Puppets! Deadzone Marionette kit review and kitbashing

Mantic Games' Asterian Marionette box has gradually become one of my favorite gaming kits to come out in the last few years.  Not so much because of their usefulness in the Deadzone or Warpath games they were made for, but because the figures are so very useful for other purposes.  Whether you want droids for Star Wars, minions for an evil mastermind supervillain, ancient robots guarding a post-Apocalyptic ruin, or alien autosoldiers, they have something to offer.
The box is intended to build ten "Marionettes" (which are some kind of remote-operated humanoid combat robot) and a pair of grav-mobile hovering support drones.  Parts are included to let you build two special weapon Marionettes, two leaders, and any of three different types of drones.  I've pretty much ignored the intended build since word one.  
These are the "stock" Marionette trooper models.

Five different bodies, with separate shoulder pads, arms, and heads. 

They're fairly simple to assemble, and require minimum cleanup.

Each box comes with two identical frames, with (oddly) the body/leg pieces in separate little baggies.

This is a kitbash of one of the drones, with spare arms from a Marionette added, a left-hand gun added (which requires a clip job and some patience) and the "wings" inverted.

Quite fond of adding arms to these drones, as you'll see.

They're pretty much entirely made of spares from the sprue, depending on which drone you choose to build (think the base body here is the communications variant).

And another kitbash, this one with a sniper rifle arm pair attached and the same inverted wings.

All of the Marionette special weapons figs use the same left arm, with the left hand molded on to the weapon itself.

Floating sniper drones strike me as a terrifying prospect.

This squad uses the "command upgrade" parts from several boxes of Marionettes, giving them distinct heads and backpacks.

The "command gun arm" has a short bayonet attached as well, and the left arm in that pair has slightly different detailing than the trooper version.

There are those backpacks, which could probably be painted up as grav flight packs if desired.

Here's a unit of modified floating drones, all with added arms and modified flight stands cribbed from Warlord games figs.

The armored gunners make up the bulk of the squad.

While we also have two "high mobility" frames with a blaster carbine and a sniper rifle.

You could build these out of a box and half worth of parts in a pinch, although it would limit your build options on the Marionettes a bit if you did so.

This is one of the few "stock" drones I've built, with the added "floaty bits" widget stuck on below the chassis and the teeny-tiny secondary guns in the lower sockets.
I prefer using the arms to the guns, obviously.

Comparison shot with a stock gun drone and a Marionette.

As you can see, the drones are pretty chunky.

This is a full squad in game terms, complete with support drone and command and heavy weapon variants.

The commo drone chassis is different from the gun drone, and IMO makes a nice spaceship hull.

A more elaborate kitbash on a gun drone chassis, with tentacles and sockets from the bits box added.

I really like these variants, they remind me of the descriptions of Gamma World and Barrier Peaks robots from the old days of TSR.

More commo drone kitbashes.

This pair had the shoulder pad/socket fittings from a command Marionette added. 
I've been hoarding the "floaty bit" pieces from the drone chassis for use as these little guys, which also have guns cribbed from the gun drones and low-level Brigade Models' flight posts added.
This is four boxes worth of parts here.

I intended them for use as 6mm grav tanks with a zippy anime feel to them.

They remind me a bit of Bonaparte from Dominion Tank Police, if he got an mobility upgrade.

They also scale jump well, and could be slightly bigger than man-sized 15mm drones or small 28mm scale remotes for a Shadowrun rigger to operate.