Saturday, December 29, 2018

2018 Retrospective Gallery: Day 6

The Mysterious Mister Eden, who is definitely just a stage magician and not a shape-shifting were-serpent using his role as a nightclub performer as a cover for more sinister activities.  Reaper figures.

But if he was a shape-shifting were-serpent, he'd probably have contacts with the creepy cultists of Gulvoth of the Thousand Eyes.

A planetary defense missile battery using 15mm Stargrunt Brethren of the New Light and some generic towed weapon/radar platforms from Ground Zero Games.

Summoning Portal and Hooded Enigma Mage.  Reaper and Dreamblade conversions.

Pallid Seer with Familiar and Summonings.  Dreamblade, Gates of Antares, and Valiant Enterprises figs.

And to finish out today, a rather large NAC fleet from GZG's Full Thrust range, mixing both generations of sculpts for the faction.