Sunday, September 16, 2018

Rogue Stars: Kitbashed Grav-mobile Combat Droids

Had a customer ask me how I'd stat up these figs for Rogue Stars, so I thought I'd do a post with suggestions on how to use them.  They're kitbashed together from a Mantic plastic kit I discussed back here:

So, your basic Type XV combat droid with high-mobility grav frame and sniper rifle in Rogue Stars:

TooTooToo Ecks
Gunner Droid
50 XP

Difficult Target 1
Marksman 2
Martial Arts 2
Robot Technician 1

2 x Bionic Arms (built in)
Flight Pack (built in)
Heavy Blaster Rifle
Night Visor (built in)

Rather obviously, the droid has no Leg hit location and any hits there would transfer to the Torso location instead.  Not especially well armored, but very fast and a flyer to boot.  It carries a real beater of a gun and uses it pretty well.  Also has a surprisingly strong melee game when it needs it (like, say, in the corridors of a starship) but generally prefers to fly around out of reach and keep shooting.  Even has some repair capability thanks to Robot Technician, although you might want to field two of them so they can patch each other if need be.

Primary weaknesses are the Nonreactive trait (typical for droids) and the fact that if that built-in flight pack gets broken you're reduced to crawling speeds even if you survive falling out of the sky like a rock.   Still, at 50XP you do get a lot of bang for your buck here and it's hard to beat that amazing mobility till you're damaged.